Defense Industry Guide by Beez

Defense Industry Guide

Defense Industry: A Comprehensive Guide of Everything I Have Learned Over 10 Years

My name is Beez, I am an Overseas Government contractor who has been working in the Defense Industry for 10 years. I have held multiple positions in the Department of Defense and top Government Contractor companies. 

Defense Industry: A Comprehensive Guide of Everything I Have Learned Over 10 Years. Department of Defense (DoD), Government Contracting, Military, and More is filled with all of the information that you need to land a position in the Defense Industry. Whether you are looking to work for the Federal Government, a Government Contractor company, work for an Intelligence Agency(CIA/NSA/FBI), become a 1099 Independent Contractor or land an internship, this guide is for you. 

Learn how to obtain government security clearances that seem impossible to get and maximize your earning potential. If you are interested in working overseas a step by step guide for landing overseas contractor positions to earn six figures tax-free is included. Veterans looking to transition to civilian work, look no further and learn how to take advantage of your skillset and veteran status.

Each section includes interactive exercises for you to understand and apply the information. 


Will I learn what certifications to obtain?

Yes, you will learn what certifications to obtain for your desired field. 

What career fields are available in the defense industry?

Information Technology (System Administrator, Information Assurance, Network Engineer), Software Engineer, Security Personnel , Mechanical Engineers, Architect, Geologist, Cloud Engineer, Cyber Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Test Engineer, Business Analyst, Program Manager, Section Manager, Human Resources, Consultant, Systems Engineer, Field Engineer/ Field Service Representative, Cost Estimator, Auditing, Chemistry, Data Scientist, Scientist, Nursing, Janitorial, Facilities, Economist, Construction Manager, Civil Engineer

Where are defense industry jobs located?

Defense Industry jobs can be found in all 50 states and internationally.

Do, you need a degree to get into the defense industry?

No you don’t need a degree to get into the Defense Industry (experience or degree is required)

Do all positions require a security clearance?

No, not all positions require a clearance.

Can non-US citizens get clearances?

No, you must be a US citizen to get a government clearance.

Can felons get clearances?

No, felons cannot get clearances. If you have a criminal record period you might not be able to get a clearance.

What You Get

  • Defense Industry: A Comprehensive Guide of Everything I Have Learned Over 10 Years (PDF)
  • 48 Pages and 7 Interactive Exercises
  • Defense Industry Guide Cheat Sheet
  • Fillable Interactive Exercises PDF
  • Invite to Exclusive Defense Industry Group
  • Recorded Defense Industry Q&A


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What's included?

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